Week 2- ICT

This week we have been discussing TPACK and the integration of technology into teaching.  We covered the overlap of Pedagogical Knowledge (which is understanding your learners and meeting their needs), content knowledge (which is the knowledge base of teachers field or subject) and technological knowledge ( which is the skills to operate various technologies). The picture below best explains this overlap to me.

 We have also been discussing the importance on technology in schools, to enhance students learning. This importance is acknowledged in Queensland as well as nationally. ICT is included in nine out of the ten standard for Queensland teachers (http://www.qct.edu.au/standards/index.html) as well as included in the seven National Professional Standards for Teachers (draft). Technology does have its constraints however and teachers must use their skills and knowledge to know when it is best to use certain technologies. It is important that teachers know what prior knowledge the students have in technology so they can tailor the course to best suit them.  ICT does not only have constraints between students and their prior knowledge but it also has gaps between schools. Technology knowledge and availability is not wide spread and even across all students. This is why teachers must know what prior skills students have and what technologies they will have avaliable to them.

Some of the challenges we will face as teachers will be the 20th century “digital immigrants”. These people maybe colleges, parents or guardians. We must do our best to cooperate with other teachers to bring 21st century teaching matter and class preparation into our schools. We as 21st century teachers must not be intimidated by technology and must help with the TPACK development in our schools and classrooms.

In our classrooms we must create student centred learning that uses different technologies to engage our students. We must choose the best technology for each given task and remember that technology is not simply just an “add-on” for teachers but it must be wholly integrated into our classrooms. We must overcome the challenges and remember to do what is best to teach our students.

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